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Our affiliate product tracking works for all sellers on eBay, AliExpress and Amazon. We use simple Google Sheets to put you in control of your business and improve profitability

Are you still wondering if affiliate marketing is the right career choice for you? Well, it’s a proven way to generate some good income online. You can promote products from different eCommerce portals and earn a commission in return.

And the two websites you can target to begin with – Amazon and eBay. They offer some good affiliate programs – but unfortunately, do not come with any tools to track your products or manage your affiliate business.

Relying on manual ways to stay on top of your business, in turn, increases your effort and cost. And that’s what WalletMonitor will help you with!

Are you an Amazon AliExprress or eBay affiliate marketer?

The Only Solution to Track eBay, AliExpress and Amazon Product Statuses

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Track Amazon AliExpress and eBay Affiliate Product Statuses with WalletMonitor

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WalletMonitor is the only dropshipping solution that lets you track affiliate products from eBay, AliExspress and Amazon. It lets you create a Google Sheet for your affiliate products that display vital information such as if the product is available or out of stock.

Additionally, our dropshipping automation tool shows product information like:

State stock 
That means you can develop complete visibility on your affiliate products with a simple Google Sheet. You just need to include the affiliate link of your product, and WalletMonitor does the rest.

Best of all, you can create unlimited Google Sheets for your products. You can scale your business and manage everything using our affiliate management feature.

How WalletMonitor Affiliate Management Helps Affiliates

WalletMonitor is the only dropshipping tool to help affiliates manage their business. For the first time, affiliates have a reliable solution to grow their portfolio and track the status of affiliate products. Our dropshipping tool uses Google Sheets to automatically update product statuses so that you can take timely steps.
For example, you may search for out-of-stock products from other sellers and continue to earn your commissions. You can also view the prices of the products to get a sense of your profitability. Moreover, you can save money on advertising by always finding the right seller with your affiliate products. You may easily change Amazon sellers and generate expected returns from your ads when a product is unavailable.


Track Amazon, AliExpress and eBay Affiliate Products with WalletMonitor

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WalletMonitor is the only dropshipping management solution to allow affiliates to run their business. No other dropshipping tool in the market comes with an affiliate tracking feature like WalletMonitor. So, start enjoying the advantages of the WalletMonitor affiliate feature and be ready to grow your business and earn more commissions. Our users can start using the feature without any delay right away.