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* 9 out of 10 variations are free
  • How WalletMonitor Helps You List Products on eBay Correctly

    eBay sold products worth $$37.53 billion in the USA in 2020. The strong push for online shopping due to COVID-19 is providing a strong push for the growth of eCommerce. Selling on eBay is a great way to boost your revenues and grow your dropshipping business.

    However, selling on eBay comes with its own set of challenges. You always need to stay vigilant as eBay might suspend or close your store for various violations. Why does eBay do that?

    A Few Words on eBay Policy Violations

    eBay, or any online store, wants to give its customers a pleasant experience. As a result, they keep checking product listings periodically to track factors that might damage eBay’s reputation.

    For example, you might have to pay a penalty if any of your listings is against eBay’s user policies.

    Every seller on eBay has to meet strict regulations and ensure everything is in compliance. The job is not easy as sellers list hundreds of products at one go. eBay might flag your listings without you even being aware of what’s wrong.

    WalletMonitor customers have nothing to worry as we have always got your back. You can never run into trouble if you use our auto dropshipping software to manage your eBay business.

    How WalletMonitor Helps You List eBay Products Correctly

    The goal of our dropshipper software is to ensure you are always in accordance with eBay rules. You will never have to fear your account getting suspended or paying a penalty. WalletMonitor makes sure all your listings are perfect and meant to generate business.

    Get Clear Warnings

    It’s always not possible to know if anything is wrong with your listing unless eBay comes in. You can list products and come to know they have issues after days, only when eBay intervenes. Naturally, your sales go for a toss!

    WalletMonitor dropshipping monitor acts 24/7 on your behalf to protect your eBay store. If we notice a problem, WalletMonitor will show a notification in red. We have designed our alerts to catch your eye, and you will never miss them.

    You can click on the notification and check out what’s the issue. WalletMonitor will tell you how to resolve the problem and get your listing to comply with eBay regulations.

    All you need is to change the product listing data and get eBay off your back. You can then go back to selling your items and generating business as usual.

    Let’s explore another way our automatic dropshipping tool keeps your eBay store safe.

    List the Right Products

    Selling the right products is essential to achieve business success. However, it’s not so easy to choose the right products out of so many. Plus, you need to make sure of a few other things, like shipping policies, supplier feedback, and more.

    Fortunately, our Amazon to eBay listing software takes care of everything. WalletMonitor will not list products that appear suspicious or come with issues.

    For example, WalletMonitor will not let you list products from sellers with less than 60 reviews. Or, our dropshipping software will prevent the listing of items that take more than 14-days to ship under standard shipping.

    WalletMonitor won’t let you commit any mistakes, even if you want. Our eBay dropshipping software will move all suspicious products to “out of stock” automatically. They will never show up on your live listings.

    Additionally, WalletMonitor tells you the reason when eBay flags your listings. You can always take remedial steps and get back your listing up on the internet.

    WalletMonitor is eBay Compatible

    WalletMonitor is the only dropship management software that eBay certifies. We are stamped by eBay for our efficiency and adeptness to help dropshippers. You won’t find any other dropshipping automation software that is eBay compatible.

    What does it mean?

    Dropshippers can use WalletMonitor to sell on eBay with complete confidence. You will never run into violations or get your account suspended by eBay.

    WalletMonitor will always act instantly to protect your eBay store. You can take the help of our dropshipping solution to sell on eBay and comply with all rules.

    Boost Your Revenues with WalletMonitor

    WalletMonitor not only protects your accounts but also helps you increase your profits. Our dropshipping product scanner is among the most advanced in the industry. We have designed our scanner to pick only the high-profit items that bring more revenues.

    Additionally, our dropshipper tool suggests products that have fast shipping and adequate feedback. You can deliver an excellent customer experience and more satisfaction to your shoppers. Keep WalletMonitor by your side, and never worry about low profits again!

    List All Product Variations with a Click

    Selling products with variations is a great way to increase your sales. WalletMonitor removes the hassles of listing products and variations. You can add endless variations with only one click of your mouse in a few seconds.

    WalletMonitor will add all the variations with product images and descriptions. You now also have the option of automatically rewriting your product descriptions.

    Moreover, you can create and manage unlimited eBay stores with a single plan.

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  • WalletMonitor Now Automated eBay Best Offers

    WalletMonitor Now Automated eBay Best Offers

    EBay’s Best Offer is a great option to add more sales volume. You can open the doors for buyers to negotiate the buying price you have set. If you like the price, you can accept the offer. If not, you are free to decline the request. Plus, you can also send your offer to buyers for selling more.

    Many sellers are now using eBay’s Best Offer to the fullest. You can control the settings to accept offers or decline them from your eBay dashboard. However, WalletMonitor users need not take the pain!

    We have created the means for you to automate the whole of eBay’s Best Offer. You can use WalletMonitor to create and manage Best Offers and requests. The process is fully automated and needs no human intervention once you set the rules.

    Let’s see how you can use this new cool feature of our dropshipping tool for maximum benefits.

    WalletMonitor eBay Best Offer Automation

    You can run your Best Offers on eBay with ease using WalletMonitor. We have added this feature recently and is now available for your use. You can access the automation feature by clicking on “Platform” after you log into your account.

    Here is what you can do with our dropshipping software-

    Set Best Offer Parameters

    You can choose to accept or decline offers sent by buyers. To do so, you have to enter the prices and margins in WalletMonitor. You can do this by accessing the “eBay Best Offer automation” feature in “Platform.”

    You should take a look at our manual and use the right settings to automate Best Offer. It’s really simple, and we have a rather intuitive interface. So, you aren’t going to face any problems.

    If you need any help, we are always here to answer your questions.

    Auto Accept Best Offers

    WalletMonitor can help you automatically accept or reject Best Offers. You can set the auto offer accepting price in a few simple steps. How does this work?

    WalletMonitor will accept offers on your behalf if they are profitable. You can set the percentage of profit you want to earn in our tool to accept offers automatically.

    For example, If you want to earn a profit of $8 – $10 on a selling price of $100, you can set the percentage to 80% or more. This way, Wallet Monitor will accept offers that give you a profit of $8 or more.

    Auto Deny Best Offers

    Not all buyers are going to make you a profitable offer. Some Best Offers coming your way will be lower than the profit you expect to make. So, the right move is to reject those offers at the earliest.

    You can set up Wallet Monitor to automatically deny unprofitable offers. Just set the profit margin and let our tool take over while you relax. How will this work?

    Let’s say you are selling an item at $100, and the cost price is $80. So, any price above $80 will bring you a profit. You can configure WalletMonitor to reject offers that are less than $80 automatically. There is no need to attend to each offer that comes your way manually.

    You can set any desired price for automating your eBay Best Offers.

    What Happens to Offers with Prices between Auto Accept and Auto Deny?

    You may get offers that are between auto accept and auto deny. WalletMonitor will let you make the final decision on these offers manually. You can even send your offers to buyers and see if they are interested.

    WalletMonitor also lets you use multiple combinations to get the most out of Best Offers. For example, you can enable Best Offer but choose not to automate offer rejection. You can do the same for auto-acceptance and leave the field blank.

    In such cases, you have to consider the nuances of profitability and accept or deny the offers. We wanted to give our users a strong control on Best Offers and provided these advanced options for more convenience.

    You can enable or disable Best Offers directly from WalletMonitor. All options are readily available, and you will not need to search around. Our tool will ensure you only accept profitable offers and not waste your time with low prices.

    WalletMonitor: An Esteemed eBay Partner

    Do you know of any dropshipping tool recognized by eBay?

    We bet you don’t, as WalletMonitor is the only dropshipping software with an eBay certification. That means we are certified by eBay and provide the best experience to dropshippers.

    Our tool also lets you comply with eBay rules and regulations easily. WalletMonitor will prevent listing items that may land your reputation in trouble or go against eBay rules. You will never have to worry about getting your account suspended or facing any action from eBay.

    eBay trusts us for our reliability and ease of use. You can also rely on our tool like countless other dropshippers. We are always dedicated to your interests and work to bring you the best.

    Try WalletMonitor for Just $1

    WalletMonitor customers have more than enough reasons to love us. We want more dropshippers to make their lives easy and grow their businesses successfully. So, we are offering a trial period for our dropshipping tool at just $1!

    You can get all the features of our tool and use it to the fullest. We bet you will turn into your long-term customer once you get a taste of what WalletMonitor can do.

    Try Ebays’s best offer with WalletMonitor today!

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  • Why should you List Products with Variations to Increase Sales and Profits

    Succeeding as a dropshipper involves using clever strategies. You have to constantly look for opportunities to grow your sales and profits. Among several potential strategies, selling products with variations is a great way to boost your earnings.

    Not sure what a product variation is?

    What are Product Variations

    Many products come in a range of variations. Think about clothes or shoes. You will have a variation of sizes and colors for each product, like S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Many products have different versions where the colors, features, or other aspects vary.

    Why is selling products with variations a good plan?

    Gives Customers More Choices

    Customers always like to be in control. Making purchase decisions produces a sense of satisfaction for customers. The whole experience of searching for a product is a pleasure to many.

    A product with variations is more appealing to customers. In some cases, it is necessary to buy the right product. You will always need the right size of the t-shirt matching your height and build. So, variations are a necessary part of your product listings.

    Additionally, variations offer more choices to a customer. They can choose a product they like in their preferred options, like colors.

    Customers are more interested in products with variations, even for the simplest item. For example, even a coffee pack can have multiple variations in taste, processing, and more.

    Grows Your Sales

    Listing products with variations is a sure way to increase your sales. Customers are more likely to press the buy button as the product is more appealing. Sometimes, buyers even place orders for multiple variations instead of buying a single version of the product.

    You can list products with variations and see your sales grow. Many sellers use the same strategy, whether they sell on Amazon, Shopify, or eBay.

    Appear More Professional

    You will always find reputed businesses creating several variations of their products. Not only it increases sales, but it also shows you mean business. Listing products with variations gives your store a feeling of completeness and professionalism.

    Think of big retailers and stores. You can see a product in different variations without exceptions. The strategy puts your portfolio at par with big names in the industry.

    WalletMonitor: List All Variations in One Click

    Our automated dropshipping software is programmed to make your life easy. We have designed our dropship management software to list variations intuitively. You can list all variations with a single click using the Smart List feature. If a product has a hundred variations, you can add all hundred variations with one click to save time and effort.

    You can leave all listing duties on WalletMonitor and sip a beer. Our auto dropshipping software will create complete listings with all product information and images. You also don’t need to adjust pricing for individual variations. WalletMonitor does it all while you chill!

    Create Safe eBay Listings with Variations

    WalletMonitor is the only dropshipping automation software approved by eBay. It protects your account from any adverse actions taken by the platform.

    eBay has a number of rules and regulations when it comes to listing products. You have to follow them word-by-word to keep your store alive. Otherwise, eBay may close your listings and even suspend your account.

    WalletMonitor is eBay-certified and helps you create eBay listings safely. Our dropshipping monitor will prevent any ineligible product from finding a way in your listings. You will get a warning instantly, showing the item is rejected by eBay.

    You can create listings with variations using WalletMonitor in complete peace of mind. When you respect all rules, eBay will even promote your products leading to an increase in sales.

    Save Money on Products with Variations

    WalletMonitor is always dedicated to the interests of our dropshippers. We do not just allow you to list products with variations, but we also make it highly affordable.

    You can list 10 variations for the price of one with WalletMonitor. Or, in other words, we will count 10 variations as 1 variation. Let’s give you an example to paint a clear picture.

    Let’s say you have a product with 30 variations. So, WalletMonitor will count the 30 variations as only 3 variations. Isn’t that wonderful?

    We are ever committed to helping our customers earn more profits. As a result, we allow you to list so many variations for the price of a single variation. No other dropshipping software even comes close to our pricing. We always offer the best rates in the industry, without exceptions!

    Find the Most Profitable Products with Variations

    WalletMonitor scans ecommerce platforms to bring you the best products to sell. You can use our dropshipping product scanner to find products with the highest profit margins. That also includes products with variations from all categories.

    You can use a single tool to find and list products with variations without any effort. WalletMonitor does all the heavy lifting and lets you enjoy the profits. If you aren’t using WalletMonitor, you will surely be a long way away from managing your business efficiently.

    WalletMonitor for Dropshipping Business Success

    WalletMonitor is the best dropshipping software with a ton of features. You can shift to WalletMonitor and forget about using any other tool. From listing products to automated order management, everything is possible from our single interface.

    Try WalletMonitor today for only $1 for the first week. Explore the features to know why so many dropshippers love our software. If you have any questions, get in touch with us quickly.

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  • Sell on AliExpress for More Profit and Growth

    At WalletMonitor, we are always dedicated to the interests of our customers. We know most of you sell on platforms like eBay to run your dropshipping business. These platforms indeed have a huge number of customers who are ready to buy your products. However, sourcing products from wrong places may not fetch you the highest profit.

    Today, we will discuss a few perks of sourcing from AliExpress and how they may help you grow your business. We will start with the most important factor, i.e., profitability.

    Earn More Profits on AliExpress

    AliExpress is a great place to earn a handsome profit from each of your sales. The profit margin beats the likes of Amazon or eBay any day and provides a potential market for dropshippers. You may be able to earn as much as 20% -25 % profit by sourcing top products on AliExpress.

    We say it’s a great incentive to join the platform and set up your store. No dropshipper will surely mind if they can earn more profit by just using a new platform.

    No Out of Stock Hassles

    Customers don’t like to see their favorite products go out of stock. As a dropshipper, you know how frequent products vanish off the shelves. Then all you can do is put up the “out of stock” notification on your product page.

    Not being able to provide services makes your customer leave for your competitors. Additionally, the experience takes a toll on customer satisfaction.

    Sourcing from AliExpress is free of such problems. You can always take advantage of a ready inventory with products rarely going out of stock. Even in case they do, you can find countless sellers selling the same product on the platform.

    You can just source your product from another seller to keep your business running.

    Less Volatility of Prices

    Sellers keep changing their prices. You can obviously use WalletMonitor to automate your pricing, but that’s not the point.

    Customers are affected when sellers keep changing prices. Just imagine yourself. You bought a pair of batteries for $5, and the next week, you see prices have changed to $7. How does it make the customer feel?

    Along with that, you need to adjust the pricing of your products. However, you can’t quote a very high price as customers will leave. On the other hand, you need to ensure you earn your profits. The situation can get really challenging!

    AliExpress provides a degree of stability when it comes to prices. You won’t find sellers fiddling with the selling price whenever they please. It happens only on rare occasions.

    As a result, you can provide a consistent experience to your customers for a better service.

    Seamless Communication

    Getting in touch with sellers can be a nightmare. You leave a message and don’t get a reply even in seven days. Surely, your business interests will go for a toss!

    On AliExpress, you can get in touch with sellers very easily. They are available for answering your queries and even are quite responsive. You can even use a live chat to communicate with the sellers any time you want.

    Being able to stay in touch with sellers improves predictability and eliminates guesswork. You can make much more informed business decisions for strategic results.

    Source from  AliExpress for a Better Experience

    Dropshippers like you can earn more profit and offer unmatched customer service by sourcing from AliExpress. Your business will walk the path of growth as you can offer excellent customer experience with goods in stock.

    WalletMonitor is always by your side to manage your operations on AliExpress. You can use our intuitive features to sell more profitable items and reduce work. We also provide high levels of automation to eliminate time-taking manual tasks.

    Moreover, you can change your shipping policies easily according to the seller’s policies. Our tool will help you do the task by taking into account the handling time.

    You can always look forward to a great experience when you use WalletMonitor to source from AliExpress.

    List Hot Products from AliExpress Every Day

    Want to increase your profits quickly?

    We suggest you sign up on AliExpress and get your suppliers. WalletMonitor will help you find the most profitable items to sell in an instant. You can then select 10 – 15 top-selling products and list them in your store.

    Slowly, you will build up a big list of products with high-profit margins.

    You don’t have to stop sourcing from Amazon, eBay, or Shopify. Just add AliExpress on your list of stores to earn additional profits.

    If you see things are going well, you can scale your operations to increase sales. Our tool will help you add products with a click of a button with all variations. You don’t even need to copy images of product descriptions manually.

    We support unlimited stores and provide all perks like auto updating of tracking numbers when items are shipped. Our smart monitor helps you avoid out of stock products and maintain your pricing.

    Final Thoughts

    Dropshippers generally start selling on one platform and slowly add more as they gain experience. Make AliExpress the next supplier splatform you sign up for more earnings and growth. Use WalletMonitor alongside to manage your business like a pro and meet customer demands.

    Get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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  • We Are Increasing Our Prices to Serve You Better

    Change in Price of Subscription Plans

    Our subscription plans are one of the most cost-effective ways to make your business grow. We have always kept our prices to low to help novice dropshippers develop a market. You will find several affordable plans matching your needs and scale to manage your business.

    From August , WalletMonitor’s subscription plans are going to increase in price. These will include all plans like the Beginner, Starter, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional, and Master.

    Besides the existing plans, we have 6 more plans on offer based on the scale of your operations. So, that’s more than 12 plans we have in total to grow your business.

    You can get in touch with us to select the best plan to match your needs. Every trader will find a plan to suit their preferences without problems.

    We have increased the price by as little as possible to serve you better. We are always committed to bringing you the best features and tools to improve profitability. The increase in prices will enable us to keep developing cutting-edge solutions to take your dropshipping business to new heights.

    We are the fastest scanner and automate a big part of your routine tasks. WalletMonitor is the best solution for dropshippers to offer excellent service at par with the likes of Amazon. You can choose as many as six different plans, as well as the product quantity.

    You don’t need to overpay – you get to choose the number of products you have in the account, and you pay only for that. For instance, if you have two hundred items in your inventory, you could keep a track for those items, and pay accordingly. There is no need to pay more, no matter what plan you are on.

    9 out of 10 variations are free

    We had been allowing dropshippers to add countless variations for the price of a single product. You could even add 100 variations for free.

    The perk enabled many dropshippers to set up business and grab market share. After all, who really lets you add variations without any charges!

    Sadly, we are no longer able to offer free variations endlessly. From September 1, we will charge 10 variations as a separate product. It meats that

    every 9 out of 10 variations are still free.

    For example, let’s say you have 500 products and 300 variations. So, the total chargeable products will be 530 (500 + 300 divide 10). 

    Wallet Monitor is Committed to Your Interests

    WalletMonitor is continuously improving to go beyond your expectations. Naturally, this needs investment in R&D and innovation. We have kept our prices lowest till now, and we assure nothing has changed.

    We are still the best dropshipping tool with the lowest prices in the industry.

    You can compare our prices with competitors and see the proof yourself. We charge the most minimum fees to support our operations and teams. Your profitability is our priority, and we are always dedicated to serving your needs.

    WalletMonitor for Business Success

    WalletMonitor is designed to find you the highest-profit items to sell. Our tool allows only reputed suppliers and prevent the listing of dubious products from questionable sellers.

    WalletMonitor keeps your accounts safe and ensures you provide the best service. Naturally, we need to keep our services running optimally to ensure your success.

    The rise in prices is due to global conditions that have affected every business after COVID. We hope you keep supporting our endeavors to help you run your stores without hassles. You will never have any opportunity to complain as we always help you get the best.

    Our new prices will come into effect from August 1. Nothing is changing apart from the new subscription plan rates and variations count. You will still be able to use the same user-friendly ways to grow your revenues and business.

    For newcomers, we still have our free trial at $1. You can try our most advanced plans at just a dollar for a whole week. Needless to say, most people who try our services never look back and turn into our loyal customers.

    We have made a promise to provide an excellent service, and we always keep that! Try WalletMonitor today to feel the difference.

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  • WalletMonitor Makes Migration from Existing Dropshipping Tools Really Easyst

    We all know WalletMonitor is the best tool for dropshippers to manage and grow your business. As a result, many dropshippers want to migrate to WalletMonitor from their existing dropshipping solutions.

    We say it’s a great decision that will ultimately improve your bottom line. Our team understands your needs and makes the process of WalletMonitor integration a breeze.

    Let’s see how you can transfer your accounts to WalletMonitor in easy steps.

    How to Migrate to WalletMonitor?

    You can always enjoy the benefits of WalletMonitor, no matter which tool you use. We have made the process of migration really easy for you. The whole process is really simple, and you don’t have to face any difficulties. Most of our competitors have a really painful and complex process for migrations.  You feel frustrated by the whole process and wonder why you wanted to migrate in the first place.

    But WalletMonitor makes the migration very, very easy. You will find no challenges, and everything is really straightforward. Just follow the steps below to integrate your dropshipping accounts with WalletMonitor-

    Step 1: Connect Your Accounts

    The first thing is to sign up for WalletMonitor and log into your account. Then, add your eBay or Shopify account to our solution. You can do the task with a few clicks from your WalletMonitor dashboard.

    We always work with your interests in mind and eliminate all restrictions to earn profits. Unlike our competitors, there is no limit on the number of accounts you can add. So, you can keep adding an unlimited number of dropshipping accounts to scale your business.

    We have a step-by-step migration tool that guides you through every step. The tool makes sure you don’t miss out anything and helps you set up your account successfully. No other dropshipping tool out there offers this innovative feature.

    After you add your accounts, WalletMonitor will automatically source all the products you have. The whole thing is automated, and you don’t have to do a thing.

    Step 2: Upload Excel File

    Your next task is to upload the Excel sheet with all the products you sell to WalletMonitor. This one step connects you to your products on Shopify or eBay.

    Congrats! You have now successfully migrated to WalletMonitor. You can now manage your business like a pro for more revenues.

    Did You Face Any Difficulty?

    It’s unlikely anyone will have any problem with our hassle-free migration process. However, if you do, we are always here to help you out.

    Just get in touch with us, and our specialists will help you through every step of the process. In fact, we will do all the work for you so that you can sell without interruptions.

    Additionally, we have YouTube videos to explain every step to make the job easy. You can also learn all about the features and functions of WalletMonitor by watching our videos.

    Just let us know what you need and we will be right there for you!

    Enjoy Unlimited Benefits of WalletMonitor

    We welcome you to our team. Before you head out, let’s recap some of our key advantages to show how WalletMonitor can help your business thrive.


    WalletMonitor is one of the leading solutions for dropshippers. From finding high-profit products to keeping your account protected, the capabilities of our tool are immense.

    You can rely on WalletMonitor to solve all your pain points for managing your business.

    25 Free Variations

    We let you add up to 25 variations of a product for the price of 1 product. No other tool out there has such an attractive scheme to save your costs.

    The variations apply to all your accounts and products without any conditions.


    WalletMonitor relies on automation to reduce routine tasks. You can add products with a single click, including all variations. Our tool also automatically tracks products with high profits and even keeps a check on inventory.

    Automation saves time and improves productivity.


    We keep you safe from risks to help you sell without boundaries. For example, WalletMonitor automatically identifies VeRo items and prevents listing. This helps you avoid any compliance issues and actions from ecommerce platforms.

    We also check various supplier metrics to ensure you are buying from the right person.

    eBay Compatible

    We are certified eBay partner and the best tool to support your eBay sales. That means eBay has recognized our tool as a reliable solution for managing your business.

    Do you really need any more reason to join WalletMonitor!

    Try WalletMonitor for $1

    Still unsure whether to go for WalletMonitor?

    Do yourself a favor and take our free trial for just $1. You will be able to access all features of our tool for a whole week without restrictions. We are sure that will be enough for you to realize the potential of WalletMonitor!

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