Credits, what is it and how it works. Pay only for what you are using!!!| WalletMonitor

Credits, what is it and how it works. Pay only for what you are using!!!

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Credits, what is it and how it works. Pay only for what you are using!!!

 Pay only for what you are using!!!

All services in Wallet Monitor are paid by credits. Credits are on your account, so you need to buy them.

Our service costs: 1 item monitoring (1 variant for multi-variation items) for one time = 1 credit, 1 order handling = 300 credits.

You can choose one of our monthly subscriptions so that each month you will get a new portion of credits.

You can buy more credits at any time regardless of your subscription.

For one dollar you get 5600 credits.


A monthly subscription is for your convenience in order not to pay manually.

You can start to work with us just for 1 and bonus $25 for review. If you buy credits for $35 or more, you get $15 bonus+10%, for $55 + $25 bonus+15%, for $115 + $50 bonus+20%. Unused credits move to the next month.

You should spend at least 39,960 credits per month, in other case they will be used as your account maintenance fee. For example, if you spent only 30000 credits, 9,960 credits will be charged as maintenance fee.

There are 4 Monthly payment plans:


  For example:: 

 Starter      220 items,   50 orders, monitoring every 4 hours

 Silver       1000 items, 100 orders, monitoring every 4 hours

 Gold         1500 items, 150 orders, monitoring every 4 hours

 Platinum 3200 items, 250 orders, monitoring every 4 hours

You have Amazon + Ali Express as suppliers, on the average:


 Starter           100  (Amazon) items   Monitoring every 4 hours +  120 (Ali Express) items   Monitoring every 16 hours   50 orders for all suppliers

 Silver              600  (Amazon) items   Monitoring every 4 hours +  600 (Ali Express) items   Monitoring every 16 hours 100 orders for all suppliers

 Gold                850  (Amazon) items   Monitoring every 4 hours + 1245 (Ali Express) items  Monitoring every 16 hours 150 orders for all suppliers

 Platinum     1600  (Amazon) items   Monitoring every 4 hours + 2355 (Ali Express) items  Monitoring every 16 hours 250 orders for all suppliers

Our system is very flexible and if you need different from the above conditions, in this case, you can take advantage of our calculator:



Approximate cost you can to calculate here
After you have already registered you can calculate in more detail here:    

Before connecting your store you can calculate how much it will cost in your case. 

In our system, you can do the monitoring of each supplier independently of each other.

So, you work with Amazone and Ali Express as suppliers in properties of each of them you can set monitoring time independently:


Customers who utilize the Platinum plan and feel lack the opportunities can take advantage of the Unlimited plan only for $350

Unlimited items, Unlimited orders, monitoring every 1 hour - 16 hours

Also, you can  add items to your registered stores unlimited when the monitoring is turned off for $9.99

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