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* 8 out of 10 variations are free


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    ईबे पर ड्रापशिप के लिए वॉलेट मॉनिटर सबसे अच्छा टूल है। यह ईबे द्वारा प्रमाणित भी है ताकि ड्रॉपशीपर्स को अपने व्यवसाय का प्रबंधन करने और परेशानी से बाहर रहने में मदद मिल सके। उपकरण ठीक वैसे ही काम करता है जैसे ईबे नियम अनुशंसा करते हैं और आपके खाते को दंडात्मक कार्यों से सुरक्षित […]
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    Brandon BrattonUSA
    I really love using WalletMonitor to run my dropshipping business. It is extremely fast and automates many tasks I had to do manually earlier. I want to give a thumbs up to the WalletMonitor team for the excellent work and support to dropshippers. 2.
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    Luis DiazSpain
    I really love using WalletMonitor to run my dropshipping business. It is extremely fast and automates many tasks I had to do manually earlier. I want to give a thumbs up to the WalletMonitor team for the excellent work and support to dropshippers.
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    adel-mohamedSaudi Arabia
    Excellent monitor, I advise everyone
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    dougui vlogsMorocco
    walletmonitorOne of the best sites that make it easy for you   dropshipingAnd also to speed up the transfer of products from Amazon or AliExpress to my platform          EBay or ShopifyThis greatly increases the possibility of making good profits from selling the products” “موقعك walletmonitorمن أفضل المواقع التي تسهل عليك الأمر في دروب […]
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    Christopher LyonsCanada
    Since I am using WM , my drop shipping stores make for me more money.I tried many tools and all of them make me loose money as they not sync correctly with suppliers. WM have the sync with suppliers and save for me a lot of time and money.Thank you so much
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    masterofe llcUSA
    WalletMonitor is a very progressive and futuristic way of working on your dropshipping programs. I love the way it takes the items with a simplistic way and gives you instant access to save them on your platforms with no hassle. A very dependable program for those who want to get into the dropshipping world.
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    היי, אני חייב לציין שמאז שהתחלתי לעבוד עם וולאט מוניטור , העסק שלי התשנה פלאים. ניסיתי הרבה תוכנות לפני שהגעתי אליכם והחוויה הייתה ממש לא טובה וגם השירות לא טוב. אצלכם גם השירות מצויין וגם החוויה ממש טובה ובנוסף חסכתי המון כסף בזכות המוניטור שתמיד מסנכרן בזמן וגם המחיר אצלכם הכי זול שקיבלתי. תודה רבה
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    Lior RashUSA
    ] Hi,I must to say  that i am so happy of using WM, very comfortable tool to automate your dropshipping  business.The customer service and support are really great. and also WM have the cheapest price on the market
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    Teena ChoudharyIndia
    Wallet monitor is the best platform out there for dropshippers that’s because of many reasons. the first thing is that monitor saves me a lot of time and not only for me but also for my VAs it’s because I can manage everything in one place I can go through all my accounts and find […]
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* 8 out of 10 variations are free


If you’re still in two minds about why you should shift to WalletMonitor for your dropshipping business, take a look at some of the exclusive features offered by us. 


To eliminate repetitive work, WalletMonitor uses automation.  Automation helps you save time and increase your productivity.

With a single click, you may add products in all variants. Our software also maintains track of high-profit goods and keeps inventories under control.

Overall protection

WalletMonitor protects you from any dangers, so you may sell without limits. 

It looks at several supplier indicators to make sure you’re dealing with the proper people.

 WalletMonitor also detects items that may fall under eBay’s VeRo category and prevent them from being listed. This assists you in avoiding eCommerce platform compliance problems and measures.

Monitor endless products

The Starter Plan allows you to monitor 500 items every four hours automatically, while the Advanced Plan allows you to list and monitor 5,000 items every two hours!

WalletMonitor keeps track of available items and prohibits you from listing things that are out of supply. 

eBay compatible 

This implies that we have satisfied all of eBay’s developer standards and criteria and that partnering with us ensures that your shop will not be blacklisted.

WalletMonitor is not only dedicated to improving consumer usage and accessibility in the shop, but it also protects your business from the trouble of dealing with untrustworthy merchants. WalletMonitor will automatically put merchants’ listings to “Out of Stock” if they do not comply with eBay’s standards.

Our seamless transfer method is unlikely to cause anyone any issues. However, if you do, we are always available to assist you. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll be right there!

Simply contact us, and our experts will walk you through each step of the procedure. We’ll take care of everything for you so you can focus on selling. We also offer YouTube tutorials that walk you through each stage to make the task easier. You may also view the tutorials on our blog to learn more about WalletMonitor’s features and functionalities.

Sign up for our $1 trial to get unrestricted access to all features of our tool one week straight!  Start your dropshipping success story today with WalletMonitor. 

WalletMonitor is entirely eBay compatible.  We are the only dropshipping solution to be certified by eBay.  We have met all the developer policies and requirements set out by eBay. Working with us helps stop your store from being flagged. 


WalletMonitor helps improve customer usage, accessibility in operating the store, and also protects your store from encountering undesirable sellers. This means that when sellers’ listings do not meet the policies set out by eBay, WalletMonitor automatically sends them to “Out of Stock.

Want to create an ecommerce store with high profits? You need a robust online presence, and offer an extensive set of product options for buyers to choose from. Many factors influence buyer decisions, including:

  • Product variations in terms of colour, 
  • Design 
  • Size. 

WalletMonitor saves you from the hassle of keeping an eye out for listing all product variations by automating the entire process for you. Variations are not taken into account. Even if your product has a hundred variants, WalletMonitor only charges you $1 for listing all of them.  

Compliance with eBay VeRo violations and prohibited items list is one of the problems that eBay sellers face daily. With so many rules to follow, it’s easy to become perplexed or even disheartened. 

VeRo is short for the Verified Rights Owner Program that eBay launched. VeRo represents eBay’s commitment to providing a secure platform for buying and selling that respects property owners’ rights. Owners of intellectual property (IP) rights and their authorised agents can report eBay items that may infringe on those rights through the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) programme.  

Here are some of the most common examples of VeRo warnings: 

  • Use of a rights owner’s pictures or text in a listing without permission.
  • Unauthorized audio, video, or other media copies. 
  • Using copyrighted, protected content in your listing.
  • Selling fake or counterfeit goods.
  • Misusing logos or trademark names.
  • Fraudulently claiming to be an authorized dealer of a brand.
  • Problems with warranties.
  • Items that carry the rights owner’s trademark, such as a logo, but which the rights owner has not permitted.
  • Trying to sell items that have a controlled pricing policy.
  • Making false or inaccurate claims about branded products.


But WalletMonitor saves you the trouble of avoiding eBay’s VeRo violation rules. 

If you try to list a product under the VeRo category, WalletMontior will immediately identify it. Even if you wanted to, you wouldn’t be able to list the product!

On the supplier’s site, the VeRo items will still be available. However, WalletMonitor’s auto scanner will quickly recognise it as a VeRo item and prohibit it from being listed.

WalletMonitor can also alert you if you accidentally or mistakenly list duplicate goods. If you upload an identical item, we will give you an immediate warning and tell you. The item can then be removed from your store.

Any questionable product that violates the VeRo list will simply be marked as “out of stock” and will not be added. Under all circumstances, WalletMonitor makes it highly unlikely for you to attract VeRo violations.


Sell on top e-commerce websites, create unlimited stores for your dropshipping business and make high profits. Start your dropshipping success story today with the help of WalletMonitor by paying only $1!


Selling items with many variants is a fantastic approach to boost sales. The difficulties of listing items and variants are eliminated with WalletMonitor. In a matter of seconds, you may create a huge number of variants with only one click of your mouse.

All of the variants will be added to WalletMonitor, along with product pictures and descriptions. You may now choose to have your product descriptions rewritten automatically.

In WalletMonitor, even a product with 100 variations is charged for the price of one. And you get to do all of this for only $1 during your free trial time!

Try out all WalletMonitor features in your trial period at an unbelievable price of $1!

Your plan will renew at $9.99 after the $1 trial period has ended. If WalletMonitor (WM) meets your needs, you may upgrade to a plan that includes additional products, orders, and monitoring.

No matter what plan you opt for, you will receive ten Amazon auto orders for free. You can choose from the Starter or the Advanced Plan, or even the Master Plan, which lets you list as many as 100,000 items at one go. 


Turn your dropshipping business into a success story by choosing WalletMonitor today at $1 only!