eBay has strict regulations about the products you can sell on the platform. Your account can invite a penalty if you are not able to follow eBay’s policies. WalletMonitor prevents the listing of problematic products from Amazon to keep your account safe.

As a result, you may not see all items listed properly in your eBay store. WalletMonitor will not list a product if the seller has fewer than 60 reviews and the shipping location is not the USA. Additionally, WalletMonitor will not list items that take more than 7 days (Prime) and 14 days (regular shipping) to ship.

WalletMonitor will not list such products and send them to “Out of stock” to protect your account.

WalletMonitor supports automatic orders for Amazon. However, the feature is not suitable for small stores that sell fewer than 20 products a day. Additionally, eBay encourages only big stores to use automatic orders. WalletMonitor lets you automatically forward the customer address while sending the item takes 2 – 3 minutes.

WalletMonitor scans top suppliers to identify products in demand. You can increase your sales by listing high-demand products in your store. Additionally, WalletMonitor comes with eBay “Best Offer” automation to increase your sales drastically.

WalletMonitor is an eBay-compatible dropshipping solution. We strictly follow and implement eBay standards to offer our customers a safe experience. As a result, WalletMonitor supports eBay API to sell more efficiently. Additionally, eBay sends a message to WalletMonitor if your products have some issues. Our tool also provides suggestions on how to fix the problem and make your product go live. It also presents product activity via graphs for detailed information.

You may experience listing problems if you reached 95% of your limit on eBay. WalletMonitor reserves 5% for updates on product pricing and may impact your listings. You should upgrade your account limit or delete existing products to add new listings.

However, you should get in touch with eBay support if you don’t have a limit on your account. It will help you determine how many items you can sell in your store.

We will provide you with an invoice to make payments via Payoneer. Additionally, you will need your Payoneer ID to make the payment.

Deactivate the WalletMonitor extension and activate it again. Check if the extension is working. If not, clear your browser’s cache and restart the browser.

You will find the option to save products on WalletMonitor in your account. The feature lets you save your listings on our tool and make changes before adding them to your eBay store.

It means WalletMonitor counts it only as 1 product if it has a total of 10 variations. So, if your product has 20 variations, WalletMonitor will count it as 2 products. Likewise, 30 variations would mean a total of 3 products in our dropshipping tool.

New sellers cannot list products with any dropshipping solution for the first time. You should list your products manually on eBay.

You can click on the “Problem” button and find out more about a specific product. Our tool will also recommend the steps to resolve the problem and get your products online.

Log in to your PayPal account and deactivate the auto payment option for WalletMonitor. Your subscription will be canceled.

WalletMonitor takes around 3 – 10 minutes to list items from a supplier to an eBay store. Please wait till then for the process to be completed.