How WalletMonitor Protects You from VeRo Violations

Many dropshippers are complaining of their listings being removed by eBay. They are also getting an email from the ecommerce giant about breaking rules or infringing intellectual properties. What does that mean?

Well, maybe the punitive action from eBay is due to VeRo violations. However, WalletMonitor customers have nothing to fear! We are always committed to your safety, and will help you avoid any VeRo violations, that too automatically!

Read on to know more about VeRo violations and how WalletMonitor keeps you safe!

What are VeRo Violations?

VeRo refers to the verified rights owner program run by eBay. It’s a program where brands and companies hold the rights to their product listings, including photos, descriptions, taglines, and more.

In simple words, it’s a program that protects the intellectual properties of a company or brand. People who have VeRo can contact eBay and request to take down your listing if you used any part of their intellectual property.

Now, what can be considered as intellectual property is debatable and expansive. It can be a brand logo or using just an image from your supplier with VeRo rights.

Among various sellers, dropshippers are more vulnerable to VeRo violations.

Why Dropshippers are Vulnerable to VeRo Violations

Dropshippers list hundreds of products on eBay regularly. They don’t even check if the supplier has any rights over intellectual property. Many of them also use automated tools, which makes it difficult to know which products are under VeRo.

Now, to avoid VeRo violations, you have to know which are VeRo products. eBay does have a list of brands, and you may be able to access similar lists on various websites.

However, there is a big problem with those lists! They are not always exhaustive and leaves out many brands or sellers who own their intellectual property rights. So, even if you check a list before adding products, you can’t be sure the list is complete. You may end up including VeRo products unknowingly.

Needless to say, listing VeRo products is not the way to go. The rights owners can get in touch with eBay and ask them to remove your listing. But that is not the only risk you have!

Consequences of VeRo Violations

eBay will take down your listing and send you an email detailing the causes. You will be able to see which product attracted the violation and was taken down.

Listing VeRo products for the first time results in your listing being removed by eBay. Other than that, you don’t face any negative actions.

However, listing VeRo products repeatedly can lead to-

Temporary suspension: You may get your account on eBay suspended for infringing copyright laws. eBay may freeze or suspend your account for 3 to 30 days.

Account removal: You risk losing your eBay profile if you keep listing products without prior permission. eBay will suspend your account permanently, and you will never be able to sell on the platform.

Customer dissatisfaction: eBay cancels any orders or bids on VeRo products. Your customers can get frustrated when they see their order is not being fulfilled anymore. As a result, your customers won’t get the product and become angry or dissatisfied. You can even get negative ratings or reviews from them.

Loss of reputation: Dissatisfied customers are not going to say good things about you, will they? You risk your listings getting canceled and forfeiting the orders of your customers. Your reputation will sink, and people will not be ready to buy from you.

As we said earlier, WalletMonitor users need not fear. Let’s see why!

How WalletMonitor Protects Your Account

WalletMonitor comes with an active scanner that keeps the lookout for troublesome products. Needless to say, our dropshipping tool also picks up VeRo products!

If you are trying to list a product that falls under VeRo, WalletMontior will recognize it instantly. You will not be able to list the product even if you want!

The VeRo products will still be visible on the suppliers site. However, our scanner will immediately show it’s a VeRo item and prevent listing.

Our tool will make sure that your store and reputation stays safe. Products like VeRo that are problematic will simply be shown as “out of stock” and will not be added. That also means you will not violate VeRo or any other copyright laws.

Your store also remains functional and attracts zero penalties or punishments from eBay. You can keep running your business and earning profits as usual.

WalletMontior also extends this form of protection to any questionable product. We will prevent listing if-

  • The seller has less than 60 feedbacks
  • The product is unavailable
  • Shipping takes up more than usual time
  • The product does not originate from the US

WalletMonitor also warns you if you list duplicate items by mistake or unknowingly. We will send you an instant alert and notify, if you have added a duplicate item. You can then remove it from your store.

Do you see how WalletMonitor is always committed to your safety? No wonder we are the number one dropshipping tool to run your business in a safe and profitable manner.

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