Is e-Bay Dropshipping Legal?

Is eBay dropshipping legal?

A lot of people ask us all the time- “Is eBay dropshipping legal?”

Well… eBay updated its dropshipping policy back in 2019. You can check out the policy that says buying from a wholesaler and selling on eBay is allowed.

However, you cannot add a listing on eBay and then order the product from a retailer or marketplace to be shipped directly to your customer.

The policy has caused much confusion among dropshippers on eBay. Many people are asking, “Is eBay dropshipping legal,” but are not getting any answer.

We also get this question sometimes from WalletMonitor users. So, we decided to provide our take and help you get a better picture. You will get an answer to the question, “Is eBay dropshipping legal?”

Is eBay dropshipping legal in 2021?

As you can see, eBay is okay with buying from a wholesale supplier. However, you also need to ensure your product ships timely, and you provide good customer service.

eBay doesn’t allow buying directly from other retailers or marketplaces. The act can violate eBay policies and lead to the removal of your listing from e-Bay. Your reputation can also take a hit, and your account can get suspended in the worst cases.

However, eBay allows you to buy from wholesale suppliers and sell on the platform. Most dropshippers have switched to this model to comply with eBay rules and boost earnings.

Let’s see how and why you should stop asking, “Is eBay dropshipping legal?”

Why Buy from Wholesalers

You need to buy your products at low prices to ensure maximum profit. Buying from a retailer means paying a high price, which is much above the wholesale rate. As a result, you will not be able to earn a good profit margin.

Expert dropshippers always source from wholesalers to enjoy the lowest rates. That means you can charge a lower price from your customers and still earn profits.

Customers will also buy from you as you are providing the same product at lower prices than your competitors.

So, don’t ask, “Is eBay dropshipping legal,” anymore!

Choose the right wholesaler and start dropshipping on eBay. WalletMonitor’s dropshipping software helps you track the most profitable products from a wide range of suppliers from wholesale sites like AliExpress. You will never have to worry about violating eBay rules again.

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