Why should you List Products with Variations to Increase Sales and Profits

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Succeeding as a dropshipper involves using clever strategies. You have to constantly look for opportunities to grow your sales and profits. Among several potential strategies, selling products with variations is a great way to boost your earnings.

Not sure what a product variation is?

What are Product Variations

Many products come in a range of variations. Think about clothes or shoes. You will have a variation of sizes and colors for each product, like S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Many products have different versions where the colors, features, or other aspects vary.

Why is selling products with variations a good plan?

Gives Customers More Choices

Customers always like to be in control. Making purchase decisions produces a sense of satisfaction for customers. The whole experience of searching for a product is a pleasure to many.

A product with variations is more appealing to customers. In some cases, it is necessary to buy the right product. You will always need the right size of the t-shirt matching your height and build. So, variations are a necessary part of your product listings.

Additionally, variations offer more choices to a customer. They can choose a product they like in their preferred options, like colors.

Customers are more interested in products with variations, even for the simplest item. For example, even a coffee pack can have multiple variations in taste, processing, and more.

Grows Your Sales

Listing products with variations is a sure way to increase your sales. Customers are more likely to press the buy button as the product is more appealing. Sometimes, buyers even place orders for multiple variations instead of buying a single version of the product.

You can list products with variations and see your sales grow. Many sellers use the same strategy, whether they sell on Amazon, Shopify, or eBay.

Appear More Professional

You will always find reputed businesses creating several variations of their products. Not only it increases sales, but it also shows you mean business. Listing products with variations gives your store a feeling of completeness and professionalism.

Think of big retailers and stores. You can see a product in different variations without exceptions. The strategy puts your portfolio at par with big names in the industry.

WalletMonitor: List All Variations in One Click

Our automated dropshipping software is programmed to make your life easy. We have designed our dropship management software to list variations intuitively. You can list all variations with a single click using the Smart List feature. If a product has a hundred variations, you can add all hundred variations with one click to save time and effort.

You can leave all listing duties on WalletMonitor and sip a beer. Our auto dropshipping software will create complete listings with all product information and images. You also don’t need to adjust pricing for individual variations. WalletMonitor does it all while you chill!

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Create Safe eBay Listings with Variations

WalletMonitor is the only dropshipping automation software approved by eBay. It protects your account from any adverse actions taken by the platform.

eBay has a number of rules and regulations when it comes to listing products. You have to follow them word-by-word to keep your store alive. Otherwise, eBay may close your listings and even suspend your account.

WalletMonitor is eBay-certified and helps you create eBay listings safely. Our dropshipping monitor will prevent any ineligible product from finding a way in your listings. You will get a warning instantly, showing the item is rejected by eBay.

You can create listings with variations using WalletMonitor in complete peace of mind. When you respect all rules, eBay will even promote your products leading to an increase in sales.

Save Money on Products with Variations

WalletMonitor is always dedicated to the interests of our dropshippers. We do not just allow you to list products with variations, but we also make it highly affordable.

You can list 10 variations for the price of one with WalletMonitor. Or, in other words, we will count 10 variations as 1 variation. Let’s give you an example to paint a clear picture.

Let’s say you have a product with 30 variations. So, WalletMonitor will count the 30 variations as only 3 variations. Isn’t that wonderful?

We are ever committed to helping our customers earn more profits. As a result, we allow you to list so many variations for the price of a single variation. No other dropshipping software even comes close to our pricing. We always offer the best rates in the industry, without exceptions!

Find the Most Profitable Products with Variations

WalletMonitor scans ecommerce platforms to bring you the best products to sell. You can use our dropshipping product scanner to find products with the highest profit margins. That also includes products with variations from all categories.

You can use a single tool to find and list products with variations without any effort. WalletMonitor does all the heavy lifting and lets you enjoy the profits. If you aren’t using WalletMonitor, you will surely be a long way away from managing your business efficiently.

WalletMonitor for Dropshipping Business Success

WalletMonitor is the best dropshipping software with a ton of features. You can shift to WalletMonitor and forget about using any other tool. From listing products to automated order management, everything is possible from our single interface.

Try WalletMonitor today for only $1 for the first week. Explore the features to know why so many dropshippers love our software. If you have any questions, get in touch with us quickly.

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