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Released date: 2019-03-17

Last changes:

New features:

Gift-Cards. Now WM Customers can use Amazon GiftCards. There are:

* ability to buy GiftCards with discount on desired sum,

* ability to automatic buying GiftCartd from your PayPal and deliver them to amazon account

Auto-Orders. Amazon Auto-Orders feature allows customers to accomplish almost automatic order processing, including catch order, refilling amazon account, filling address, paying, and tracking order.

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Released date: 2019-02-01

Last changes:

Last changes:

New features:
* New supplier and a new platform were added to the WalletMonitor:,
* TAGs: user can add tag to any item or set of the items in wallet, by using extension or search
* Now user can use TAG in search
* Integration with arbiship auto-ordering system
   in Orders and Wallet sections:
* New quick-filter feature
* New “Select Shop” feature ability for filter directly in Wallet and in Order lists.

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Released date: 2018-10-12

Last changes:

New features

  1.  New template to the next holiday "Happy Halloween"
  2. New bulk operations: profit, auto price enable/disable, platform expenses


  1. Several Items now listed to platform in parallel
  2. Process optimization of block data images: parse images variations, images for single-variant item, specify images data block more precisely
  3. Calculating price for items by config and supplier price

Fixed bugs, supplier face changes reflection, adaptation for user actions

  1. Catch case when platform expenses were recalculated after changing the product price to one of the suppliers
  2. Bug of updating version control after re-changing current status
  3.  Corrected bug of filter parameters of the common logs when class was specified as one of parameters
  4.  Fixed case user catch exception when autofilling inputs of forms in the Google Chrome extension
  5. Correct input from AliExpress when it references to the products with errors, corrected
  6. Was fixed situation when property reference to non-exist property of variations of amazon platform
  7. Corrected situation when Item has duplicates between parent and children items
  8. Proper detecting case when some request failed but answer has no error from suppliers
  9. Many small bugs and blackflies
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Released date: 2018-08-20

Last changes:

1.    Execute bulk operation

From now WalletMonitor supports bulk operations for updating of:

  1. Price ,
  2. Profit,
  3. Quantity

In our next versions we’ll extend this ability for the new options.


2.    Integration with CHILI-HUNTER

Also was added Bulk Option to listing items from Chili-Hunter directly to your Ebay or Shopify stores.



From now you can see all product variations in Best Selles.

4.    Auto Fulfill

In this new version you can use Full Automation of ordering process.

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Released date: 2018-06-09

Last changes:

  • Best Sales pages
  • Improvement performance of Ebay API protocol
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