Good news for Amazon and eBay Affiliates users!!!

From now you may easy get online out-of-stock and price products updates of your Amazon and eBay Affiliate Programs directly from WalletMonitor to GoogleSheets.

WalletMonitor keeps you updated, and you will never advertise or promote products which are out of stock.


From Accounts menu go to Platforms

Click on ADD PLATFORM LOGIN and choose GoogleSheets

     Name your GooglSheet in a way you like, and click on Continue button
    Now you need to get permissions to WalletMonitor to edit this file on your Google account. Click on Allow button for this.

After accomplishing this step, will be opened new created GoogeSheet file, which you could see on your GoogleDrive.

You may create as many GoogleSheets as you like (it’s unlimited).

  1. The only thing you do now is to copy your affiliate products URL from Amazon or eBay and past it into URL column of your sheet.

After your finishing to put all your products into the sheet, go to Accounts menu =>Platforms, find your GoogleSheet file by name and from action button choose Synchronize

How do you know if your product is out of stock? You will see “out of stock” in the state column. It means you may try and find product like this from another seller. But, in case you will see “no offers” it means there is no such a product on whole supplier’s (Amazon or eBay) site at all.  

WalletMonitor is All-In-One automatic dropshipping software solution committed to your success.

From $9.99/month after trial period